Custom Mural Design Singapore

Murals are one of today's most popular and creative ways to decorate the walls of your home or office. No other painting technique puts such a unique and personal stamp on your surroundings, or such joy and satisfaction to the viewer.

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Unless You Have A Great Eye For Painting...

In the past, painting a mural on wall in your home meant spending many hours in preparation, measuring, enlarging and copying a pattern or a drawing, assembling just the right brushes and paints, painting the mural with slow deliberate strokes, wiping off mistakes and starting again....


Here, you will discover our new and innovative custom mural design paintings that will help add that personalized touch to your home or office.

We are unique because our business foundation is comprised of a winning combination of craftsmen and artists.

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Our pool of dedicated mural painters have undergone formal training in various well-known arts schools within the region including La-Salle SIA College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Many are accomplished artists and designers in their own right and have established portfolios in different types of medium. You can be sure that we are able to completely render custom and original designs for our clients. More

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