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The many considerations an artist will face when embarking on a mural project may be imperceptible to a casual viewer of these large, often public, artworks.

There are many different types of murals and mural applications, and each type presents its own set of challenges.

Our mural artist will want to ensure the mural’s integrity by practicing a sound methodology, accounting for various different factors that will influence the project’s success.

Creating artwork for an environment where many people have the opportunity to see it is one of the most rewarding aspects of mural painting. This should also suggest the great responsibility of the mural artist.

A mural is intended to enhance an environment, not clash with it or degrade it. If improperly done, the “work of art” can quickly become an eyesore.

Here are some of the other type of wall art deco that we can do and you might find interesting.

        Past Clients
        Past Events
  • Nokia IAC Invasion
  • Love Is Indie Air
  • Baybeats 2006
  • Sentosa Flower 2006

        Past Clients
  • Sumitomo Group
  • Zouk 
  • Naumi Hotel
  • Bedok South Secondary

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